A new approach of analysing and reporting of Reinsurance and Insurance data
ReInsight - Insights for your business

About ReInsight

  • Intuitive, fast and flexible analyzing of data with a few clicks and without limits - like a Google Search
  • Rich visualization through individual and standard reporting layouts, dynamic dashboards and cockpits
  • Discover your Reinsurance business Insights - anytime and anywhere
  • Rapid implementation, high performance and easy customizing of business user needs
  • ReInsight based on QlikView - a revoluntionary Business analysis suite from QlikTech
  • Developed and supported by netSURE and bit - Companies with a long standing expertise of global Reinsurance market

How it works - Insights for your business


Automatically consolidate data from your Reinsurance systems into ReInsight. The interface of ReInsight can easily be customised for any insurance and/or Reinsurance systems. Commonly and widely used databases and systems such as SAP, Business Objects, Cognos, Hyperion, SQL Server, Oracl, and MySQL, Access, Excel, flat files and unstructured data could also be sources


Explore and get the insights you need from your reinsurance or insurance data that enable you to make faster and better business decisions without the need of time consuming and expensive programming work. As each data element is associated with every other data element, browse your data without limits or restrictions.


User friendly and easy to use surface with a rich variety of visualisation objects like tables, graph, charts, list boxes for exploring and selecting your data. All objects are highly interactive and allow users to explore the data and identify associations - on PC or mobile devices. The integrated reporting function allows for such results to be printed out.

Sample Screen Shots

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